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Personal Portraits Taking portraits of people in a very simple, but effective way is one of my favorite things lately. I've taken a big break from weddings, and overall I am happy to strongly cut back on weddings at this time as I am able to spend more time being involved in other things. I still love photography, and making images of people is still one of my favorite things.


The following are a few images I recently took at Muskegon Bike Time motorcycle rally. It's a great place to meet interesting people and I love attending any chance I get.

More images like these can be found at my portraits page.

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Jared and Holly Preview  

Had a really great time with Jared and Holly last weekend taking some engagements in the somewhat blustery weather we seem to be getting on and off here in Michigan.

We dodged the rain for the day and ended up staying dry the entire time. I'm really excited to get to work with you two soon! Lets hope it's not rainy in August!

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Beach Visit I went to the beach the other day with a friend to check out the enormous storm waves that were coming in. When the midwest gets a storm, Muskegon gets some amazing waves and sunsets. 

While out there we walked inland a bit, (we were out on that pier freezing for quite a while) and I took this panoramic shot of the sunset. At 100% this mage is about 16 feet long by 6 feet tall. You could almost cover an entire wall with it!


Here's a few shots from my phone as well:

(I do love Instagram a good deal for quick and fun snapshots)
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My apologies I have really been neglecting this blog during the winter season.

I know that people do visit this place expecting action and I have not been providing that so I'm really sorry.

During the "off season" I do less photography so that I can recharge a bit, but I do still shoot a thing or two.

Not long ago I took the following photos of a couple of bands performing.

Most recently was a friend's band A Children's Crusade.


I like details.

The grain in all of these photos is something that I wrestle with a good deal. In color photos, grain is distracting and generally looks bad. You do everything you can to rid your photos of that noise. However, some grain is good. I always feel that black and white images benefit from grain sometimes. I like that grit on these photos.


Not long ago I also shot some photos of a band named Slide from Ireland. A really amazing band that frequents Muskegon during the Irish Festival in September.


I am hoping to have some more good things to post on here soon. Getting back into the season is exciting and I'm looking forward to more and more photo opportunities!

If you're interested in seeing more random photos from my point of view, you can look at the twitter account I just created.

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Julian and Kelly’s Engagements Had a great time in Lansing with Julian and Kelly not long ago. These guys were great and were happy to enjoy the snowy campus at MSU for some fun photos. Being alum and both having grown up in the area, both of them hold a special place in their hearts for Spartan territory.

Julian took us to the exact spot where he proposed to Kelly. It was a really cute spot. We did have a bit of a surprise when a few dozen ducks decided that we were carrying food.

And of course, what it’s all about really.


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Rick and Nicole Thorpe The great thing about doing weddings is when you end up connecting with an entire family. Rick and Nicole are family of, and came to me from Shawn and Stephanie. We had so much fun going around Traverse City with everyone.

Loved those dresses.

A really cute moment caught during dinner.

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Kyle and Emily Just a quick little update. A few photos from Kyle and Emily’s wedding back in October. So many great colors and they matched them perfectly.

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End of 2011 and a bit more Well, the year is closing up now and I can’t believe how great it’s been to work with each and every couple I’ve had the honor with which to spend the day.

I have to make a huge shout out to my co photographer Jeffrey LaMonde Jr. His work and dedication to providing quality and a fun atmosphere is always a huge support net for me each day we work together. Every day that I work without him is a day that I am reminded of his immeasurable amount of help in so many ways.

An obviously equal shout out goes to all the brides and grooms that worked with me. Especially the ones that toughed out hot temps, long waits for setups, hikes up dunes, the list goes on. Each wedding has it’s special memory that will remind you of why weddings are even fun at their worst of times as long as you make the best of it. Special images cannot be made without the belief that a bride and groom can have in me and my vision.

And also, you know, photos for the blog since those are nice or whatever. Hit the jump…


Had a great time with Nick and Karen taking these photos around Grand Haven. I’m pretty sure we walked a couple miles, but what’s that in exchange for a good time and some fun photos?

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Anna and Jon’s Engagements Just a few photos from Jon and Anna’s engagement session a couple of weeks ago. Lots of fun guys! Looking forward to the wedding!

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Tucker Pt 2 The entire day was this sort of interaction with these two. Just a great time with two very loving and positive people. Congratulations guys!



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Mike and Abby Part 2 Another little preview of more images from Mike and Abby’s photos. The previous post can be found here.

(More after the break)


The weather wasn’t exactly perfect just before the ceremony…

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Rich and Sally Tucker Quick preview of a few images from Sally and Rich’s photos. Could not have asked for a nicer day for  a wedding. These two are so great together and are very cute together.

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Preview of Mike and Abby

Lots of fun last night. More images soon!


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